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Daily Wing Specials | Buffalo NY

Hello friends.

That’s right…I have now lived in Buffalo for two years and I continue to enjoy my time out here on the Niagara Frontier.  As I noted in my first Chicken Fried Buffalo post, I am a fan of Western New York and the quality of life here.

It is also evident to anyone that knows me or has read this blog that I am also a fan of Buffalo-style chicken wings and my love of wings definitely predates my relocation to Buffalo.  When trying to decide what to write in this anniversary post, I pondering many things but for some reason it all came back to chicken wings.

One of the things that I have founding puzzling about a city and region that boasts some of the best wings in the country was that I could not find a single list of daily and weekly wing specials in one place.  Where could I find a good, cheap wing on a random Wednesday night?  It was that quest that gave me the idea to just start my own list.

My goal in this post is not to do a listing of the BEST wings in Western New York…even though two of my favorites are on the list.  This post is the beginning of a comprehensive list that I will update occasionally.

I know that there are many other establishments that have wing specials on these same days and in some cases might have better or less expensive wings, but I have personally made myself available at each of the places on this list.  As I find others, there will be updates and additions.


The Wellington Pub



Wing Special Price:  .45 each

1541 Hertel Ave

Buffalo, NY 14216 North Buffalo, Hertel Avenue


In my opinion, the best wings in the city of Buffalo can be found at the Wellington Pub in North Buffalo.  Every style of wing that I have tried has been outstanding and they feature a different  “special” wing each Monday night.  The dry “fajita” style wing is one of the best chicken wings I have ever tasted.  Also, they will finish your wings on char-grill if requested.  Add to these wings a couple of $1 Molson drafts, Monday Night Football and/or WWE RAW and you have the best of Buffalo.  CFB NOTE:  The Wellington will be full of local regulars so be respectful and don’t be a jackass.  You’re welcome.



Wing Special Price:  $11.99 All-You-Can-Eat

6727 Transit Rd

Lancaster, NY 14221


Readers of this blog know that I shy away from restaurant chain locations whenever possible but this wing special is too good to be left off the list.  This Pennsylvania-based chain is a regional competitor to Buffalo Wild Wings.  They have 26 different sauces so there is something for everyone’s taste.  CFB NOTE: Remember, pace yourself because it is a marathon not a sprint.



Wing Special Price:  .45 each

2945 Southwestern Blvd

Orchard Park, NY 14127


If you are in the Southtowns on a Wednesday, the Buffalo Sports Garden serves a quality wing…along with $2 Coors Light Drafts and ½ Price Appetizers.  BSG is also expanding its footprint by adding patio seating.  CFB NOTE:  This place gets very crowded at happy hour and seating at the bar can be scarce.



Wing Special Price:  .50 each

2263 Delaware Ave

Buffalo, NY 14216


One of North Buffalo’s best “dive” bars, Gordon’s has over 20 craft beers on tap and live music.  Also, Gordon’s has .50 wings on both Monday and Thursday nights.  They do not have beer specials but Miller Lite and Labatts Blue drafts are $3 every day.  The Spicy Cajun BBQ wings are very good.  CFB NOTE:  The service can be a bit slow because sometimes the bartender also serves as the cook.



Wing Special Price:  FREE (5 – 8pm)

149 Elmwood Ave

Buffalo, NY 14201


What is better that cheap…FREE AND TASTY. One of the trendy “new” bars in Allentown, the Savoy is one of those places that does “handcrafted cocktails” and Whiskey Tasting Wednesday.  CFB NOTE:  The Savoy is small and the drinks are expensive…you have to pay for the chicken in some fashion…but domestic beers are 2-for-1 and for $5 you can get a plate of bacon. This is a first stop on a nice Friday afternoon for a couple of beers and a few wings.





Wing Special Price:  .60 each

16 S Buffalo St

Hamburg, NY 14075


A favorite of most folks in the Southtowns, this is probably the most unique spot on the list. This little bar in the village has great wings…if you like your wings on the dry side.  Also, Mammo’s unique sauce has a chili powder flavor.  They have occasion beer specials but unpredictable.  CFB NOTE:  This special is actually for a double order priced as a single.



Wing Special Price:  .50 each

1110 Elmwood Ave

Buffalo, NY 14222


A dark and dingy “dive” bar, Mister Goodbar has upped its game recently by adding an extensive craft beer selection.  This is one of those places where you can see everything cooked at the end of the bar.  In addition to the wing special Sundays, MGB has $1 off craft pints.  CFB NOTE:  Parking can be a nightmare and its location next to Buffalo State can sometimes add the “young and drunk” element.


Chicken Fried Buffalo On The Air

Every Monday night, That Dang Ol’ Show features a live CFB segment.  If you are in West Texas, you can listen in on the 2013 Texas Country Station of the Year, KJDL The Red Dirt Rebel 105.3 FM.  Everyone else can listen live on the internet…just click HERE to be part of radio history.



An Anachronism | Born In The Wrong Era

There is a discussion that I have had with many of my friends lately.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that this discussion answers many questions about me. I was born in the wrong era.worlds_fair_chicago_1933

So many of the things that I enjoy are anachronisms. They are products of another place in time…another era. They speak to a more genteel time. They are from a time where our lives may not have been artificially extended with advanced science and technology but our lives were less complex. People could enjoy the little things in life. Like most of us, I am a slave to technology, especially for my work.

I am constantly checking e-mail on my iPhone. I have almost every Apple product known to man. I recently cut cable television but added Roku and Netflix…that topic was discussed in an earlier post..but I constantly think about a simpler, lower technological existence.

These thoughts really crystallized for me recently. One of my staff members had volunteered to drop me off at the Amtrak station. I was taking the train back to Hamilton, New York for the Colgate-Navy basketball game.Amtrak-logo

During our ride, he talked about a friend of his that worked for a company owned by a Dutch conglomerate. Whenever the head of the Dutch company came to New York for a meeting, he would take the train and encouraged the local staff to ride the train. His comment was that riding the train made him feel more human. I could not agree more. That is probably one of the things that I love about riding the train. I do feel more human. I feel that the pace of my life has just slowed down and that I can relax and enjoy the ride.

For some reason, I never feel that way when I am flying all over country like I have for the last 25 years. Thousands upon thousands of air miles. More flights and airports that I can count. Always rushing from gate-to-gate. People herded on and off planes like livestock headed for the slaughterhouse. The frustrations are endless.

I never feel that way on a train. Yes I know that Amtrak is not really convenient for most travelers. The trains do not run with near the frequency or service the cities and towns that rail service did a century ago. The automobile and commercial air travel have made sure of that.

Also, it seems as Amtrak is almost never on time, but I could really care less. I love riding a train. In December, I took the train from Penn Station in New York City to the Buffalo Exchange Street stop…which is two blocks from my loft.   It took nine hours, countless stops and sitting on the side tracks waiting on several long freights to pass.

The ride was absolutely fantastic. It was relaxing. The coach seats are the same size as first-class airline seats. There is a club car with food and adult beverages.

I am writing this blog while riding back to Buffalo from Utica on Amtrak’s Maple Leaf. The total cost of the roundtrip was $66.  I brought my small CJ’s Hot Wings cooler with lunch, snacks and a few Monroe City craft beers (Keystone Light) for the ride.Keith Stone

No worrying about black ice on the roads, state troopers or tolls. I spend more on the tank of gas making the trip than the round trip ticket. This is my favorite way to travel.

southern_pacific_railroad_vintage_train_travel_poster-r77eba578984146e08cf6eaa5f9f289da_aabp_8byvr_512There was a time when there was an elegance to train travel. You could have a good meal in the multiple dining cars. If you were so inclined, a scotch and cigar were available in the smoking car. The service was impeccable.  Of course, the golden age of train travel is long gone. A product of an era lost to the advances of technology. An age that will never return.

We are “instant” society today. How fast can we get where we are going? How quickly can the news of today be spread around the globe by the internet? How many things can technology strip of their wonder?

Maybe this is why I still love the magic of listening to a baseball game on radio. Watching a classic movie that was made without CGI. The smell of a library. Cooking a meal from scratch in my grandmother’s skillet. Actually talking to someone. The Sunday newspaper.

Ernie Harwell

Ernie Harwell

The thrill of having to wait a minute, hour, day or week for something great to happen. I wax rhapsodic about these things knowing that it is this mindset that affects my life. This probably answers why I like to cook, entertain people and write.

When people ask me how I relax…because it appears I seldom do…I tell them that is almost impossible for me in today’s world. That is because I really belong to another time and place.

It is there that I can find some peace…with a smooth train ride. Where I can unplug and feel human again.

Buffalo Dining: Black Rock Kitchen and Bar

Chicken Fried Buffalo

Chicken Fried Buffalo

While this blog is not a restaurant review site, I will on occasion talk about a positive dining experience in Buffalo.

Last week, I attended the Malcolm Gladwell event at SUNY Buffalo with some friends from UB.  At the pre-event reception, our talk turned to great out of the way dining spots in the city and that with me being “new” to the city, I needed to try some of these establishments and write about them for this blog.

The first place on the list that I decided to try was Black Rock Kitchen and Bar.  A good friend of mine is also a friend of BRK&B owner Mark Goldman so we decided to meet for an early dinner to see just how good the place was.

Located at 491 Amherst Street in the Black Rock neighborhood, Black Rock is an area that has a very unique history.  In the early 1800’s Black Rock was an independent town located northwest of Buffalo.  During the War of 1812, Black Rock was twice burned to the ground by British Troops and was later a rival of Buffalo for the terminus of the Erie Canal.  The town flourished until 1839, but was eventually annexed by Buffalo in 1853.  Black Rock was also an important crossing point for the Underground Railroad due to its strategic location on the Niagara River across from Fort Erie, Ontario.

BRK&B is very much like the small neighborhood establishments that are plentiful throughout cities like Chicago.  It has plenty of street parking and also a small parking lot across the street.  Luckily, we decided to eat at 5:30 pm and were able to get a table immediately.  There is normally a wait if you arrive later.

community-beer-works-the-whaleThe wine list is extensive and moderately priced.  As for craft beers, BRK&B does have a limited selection of beers on tap but has an outstanding selection of crafts in bottles.  I decided on the Whale…a fine brown Buffalo’s own Community Beer Works.

One of the things that I like about places like BRK&B is that they limit their menus to the things they do well then use nightly specials to expand the selections.  When a quaint bistro-style restaurant tries to be all things to all people, it always seems to lose something.

While I decided against an appetizer or salad, I saw an entrée that immediately caught my attention…BBQ babyback ribs with sides of slaw and baked mac and cheese.  It did take me minute to decide on the ribs instead of the buttermilk fried chicken but the yardbird can wait until my next visit.

I am not a person that gets all caught up on food presentation.  I want the food to taste good but I will admit that the presentation of the meal was beautiful.BRKB Ribs

Let me start with the sides.  The mac and cheese was baked and served in a crock.  I am a connoisseur of mac and cheese and I would rank this as my favorite in Buffalo…so far.  The slaw was good but not great.  As I noted in an earlier post, I like slaw a little different than most people.

Unlike other Texpatirates, I believe that you can have good babyback ribs without having to smoke them.  While I do prefer a little smoke curled around ribs, I have had very good ribs that were done in the oven and finished on the grill.  BRK&B’s ribs were of this variety and were excellent.  The flavor was outstanding and the meat fell off the bone.  The sauce was good but when I have them again I will get the sauce on the side.

cityontheedgeDuring the meal, I was introduced to Mark and we had a lively discussion about everything from Buffalo dining to the future of higher education in America.  A true proponent of the city, Mark wrote “City On the Edge”  a book detailing the history of Buffalo from 1900 to the present.

In addition, Mark also owns another restaurant…Allen Street Hardware…which is also on my list.

Overall, I was very impressed with my first trip to BRK&B. Both David and his staff pay attention to the details and that helps with the overall experience.  The food was very good, portions were generous and the prices moderate.

I will be back and the buttermilk fried chicken with mashed potatoes has my name on it.

NEXT UP:  More Thanksgiving recipes.

Ranger Chili and Texas Frito Pie

Texas Ranger Badge

Texas Ranger Badge

Well, we made it to fall and the weather is definitely turning colder.

Growing up in North Texas, fall means football and chili.  My family always celebrated the first norther…that means “cold front” to non-Texans…by making a a big pot of chili.  Now, I am talking about Texas Chili or Texas Red as others call it.  This is real chili and does not include beans.  Let me repeat that…real chili does not have beans.  When you add beans to chili, it makes the dish soup…period.  I like a good soup mind you but Texas Chili is all meat.

One of the goals of this site is to provide easy recipes that become building blocks for more complex dishes.  As you will see, the Ranger Chili recipe below uses Texican Hot Sauce as a base ingredient and that recipe was in a previous Chicken Fried Buffalo post.  There are many good chili recipes but some just really require to much work.  This is very easy and is ready to serve in an hour.  Having made this chili for many years, I have locked down on specific spices…some I import from Texas like San Antonio Chili Powder from Central Market or Ghirardelli’s Unsweetened Cocoa Powder…but it works just as well with inexpensive store-brand items.  As for the beer, a nice lager works fine.

I get the question about using chocolate quite a bit.  Chocolate is used in mole and is a perfect flavor compliment to ground chilies.

Also, you can half this recipe if you don’t need as much chili or it can be doubled if you are feeding a big crowd.


  • 2        Pounds Ground Meat
  • 32      Ounces TEXICAN HOT SAUCE
  • 2        TB Chili Powder
  • 2        TB Ground Cumin
  • 1        TB Black Pepper
  • 1        TB Sugar
  • 1        TB Chocolate Powder
  • ½       TB Salt
  • 12     Ounces Beer

In large pot, brown meat.  Drain fat.  Add Texican Hot Sauce and remaining ingredients.  Bring to boil.  Reduce heat and simmer on low for one (1) hour.

Once you have your Ranger Chili made, I suggest that you serve it as Texas Frito Pie.  First of all, it is not really a pie but this Texas favorite is served at just about every high school football game concession stand in the state.  It is simple and quite tasty.  Recently, food bad boy Anthony Bourdain got himself in a little trouble talking about Frito Pie.


  • 4       Cups Original Fritos® or generic corn chips
  • 4       Cups Ranger Chili
  • 1       Cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • 1/4   Cup Chopped Onion

Spoon the Ranger Chili over the corn chips.  Then top with cheese and onion.  Serve immediately,

I hope that you enjoy the Ranger Chili and Texas Frito Chili Pie.

Lagniappe (10.27.2013)

What is lagniappe?

noun…Chiefly Southern Louisiana and Mississippi

  1. A small gift presented by a storeowner to a customer with the customer’s purchase.
  2. An extra or unexpected gift or benefit.

Lagniappe derives from New World Spanish la ñapa, “the gift,” and ultimately from Quechua yapay, “to give more.”  The word came into the rich Creole dialect mixture of New Orleans and there acquired a French spelling.  It is still used in the Gulf states, especially South Louisiana, to denote a little bonus that a friendly shopkeeper might add to a purchase…”an extra or unexpected gift or benefit.”

Each week, my goal is to post a Lagnaippe on Chicken Fried Buffalo.  Just scattershooting about different topics and whatever crops up in the old skull…giving folks a little something extra.

Ron Cox and O6 Racing


Not Ron Cox

First, I would like to thank Ron Cox for his recent posts. Ron is fantastic tailgate chef and I was really glad when he decided to become part of O6 Racing.  It is great to have another cook in the group and the two of us have developed a fine partnership.  We each have things to focus on and can stay out of each others’ way…which is rare when you get two cooks in the same kitchen so to speak.

We have been called the “Castro Brothers” by some members of our group because we plan the menus and do the cooking without a lot of input from others.  These are the same slaps that also complain about the food being bland or that continually throw around sarcastic comments.  The amazing thing is that none of them ever lift so much as a spoon to help.  Those “people” do not include Travis Lee Seibrass, Jim Ryan and Ben “The King” Walters who are always ready to help with the prep work.

Buffalo BBQ — Fat Bob’s Smokehouse

A friend recommended a local BBQ joint called Fat Bob’s Smokehouse in downtown Buffalo. Now as anyone who has already reads this blog knows, I am a Texpatriate and someone who loves smoked meats.  Also, I like all styles of BBQ…from Carolina moving west. Unlike the views of some folks who have been mentioned earlier in this post, BBQ is not just beef.Fat Bob's Smokehouse

I decided to stop by Fat Bob’s for lunch last week.  Immediately, I liked the place.  It is located off the beaten path on a one-block, one-way street (41 Virginia Place) in the Allentown neighborhood.  Fat Bob’s has very good bar with plenty of crafts on tap, domestic specials and several big flat screens.

FB’s has gotten plenty of good reviews over the years so I knew that I would definitely be able to find a few things I would like on the menu.  There are several Cajun-influenced items but I decided on the chopped brisket sandwich with sides of onion rings and slaw. The portion size for the rings and slaw was generous and both were very good.  The rings were not the normal frozen, battered variety but were house made.  I prefer a sweeter style slaw and FB’s hit the mark for me.

As for the brisket sandwich, it was of modest size.  The bun was toasted and the brisket did have a good flavor but was a little dry…which is not uncommon.  I was very impressed with the selection of FB’s four different sauces.  Since WNY is outside of BBQ country, FB’s has provided a sauce that hits a few of the country’s BBQ regions.  I preferred the Low and Slow sauce which is more of a St. Louis-Style red sauce. The choices are the original, Low and Slow, Kansas City and “AK” Spicy.

Overall, my experience was good I will be back…for Happy Hour and to try the pork.  Also, FB’s is know for its mac and cheese and I well get some of that as well on my next trip.

Final Countdown

(10)  I would like to know who the genius was that invented the “mini” corndog.  America is in debt to that visionary.


Tickle from Moonshiners

(9)    Very happy that a new season of Moonshiners starts next week (November 5 on Discovery Channel).

(8)    Is Trace Adkins the new Sam Elliott when it comes to voice over work?  I think so.

(7)    It always makes for a bad NFL viewing experience when you are sitting next to degenerate NFL gamblers at the bar.

(6)    Since I am in Buffalo and the Bills are the game with with sound, I don’t have to listen to Dick Stockton on the Cowboy-Lions game.

(5)    If the Giants have to win a game, please let while against the Eagles or (Insert Politically Correct Mascot for the Washington franchise).  NOTE:  They did beat the Eagles…more on that later.

London Jaguars

(4)    I think it is socially acceptable to bring your own seasoning to restaurant if you thinks the establishment’s food might need the help.

(3)    Let London have the Jaquars…maybe it will bring relegation to the NFL.  The only problem is…does London want the Jags?

(2)    I would much rather sit at a bar and watch football with a welder than a stockbroker or doctor.

(1)    Glad to see that Chip Kelly is revolutionizing the NFL with his high-powered Oregon offensive scheme…zero offensive touchdowns in the last eight quarters.  Hey Chip…you are not playing in Pullman and Corvallis anymore.

Well that’s it for today.  Let’s be careful out there.

Watching the Dallas Cowboys in Public

Well, it is Sunday in Buffalo and the Bills are on the road playing the early game in Miami.  Why is that such a big deal?Cowboys Helmet

Of course, I do follow the Bills since they are my local team and I have recently hired away two of their best employees.  I also have a couple of games in a season ticket group but the main reason this matters is because of NFL broadcast rules.

You see with the Bills playing the early game, the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles will not be shown on Fox even though it is the national game.  So instead of being able to watch the game in the comfort of my downtown loft, I must make the trek to a drinking establishment to view my beloved Cowboys and unlike my days in Chicago, this is not as easy as it seems.

The King of Craft Beers

The King of Craft Beers

In Chicago, almost any bar you walked in to on a Sunday had DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket.  I spent many Sundays at Kelly’s Pub and Reading Room in Lincoln Park with a group of my ne’er-do-well friends drinking Coors Light in cans, Three Floyds’ Robert The Bruce and making our own lunch.

As all NFL fans know, DirecTV holds the monopoly on out-of-market games and they have continued to increase the amount bars and restaurants must pay for the service.  The pricing is based upon the occupancy/capacity of the establishment.  If you have a small bar…like so many in Chicago…you can afford the fee.  For the big bars, DirecTV has increased the cost so much that fewer of them on the Niagara Frontier are making the investment. I do not blame them.  They will make good money when the Bills play but unlike Chicago, a melting pot of ex-pat NFL fans…there is even a Bengals’ bar my friends…there are not enough fans of other teams who flock to the bars to watch games.

Is that you Keith?

Is that you Keith?

With that context in mind, I made the short drive to Buffalo Wild Wings in the Southtowns for the Sunday Ticket.  While I am not a fan of chain restaurants/bars, I must admit that the staff at this BW3s…as it will always be known to me…does a nice job both in the front and back of the house.  It is close to my office and we have made ourselves available there on occasion after work.

Since I am out in public watching the Cowboys, I just wanted to provide a couple of tips for Tex-pats and Cowboy fans when watching a game outside the safety of your own home.  It might help when you find yourself in the situation I am today.

1.  Keep your head on a swivel…you never know when “that guy” is going to start a lengthy diatribe of why he hates the Cowboys and Texas in general.  This will normally happen when the experts on the pregame show pick against his squad or that team immediately falls behind the Jaguars by two scores.


Old School

2.  Make sure you have a couple of nice things to say about the local team or the team of the fan wearing the Apex or Starter jacket from 1993.  If either of the aforementioned scenarios include the Giants, Eagles or (Insert Politically Correct Name for the Washington Franchise), just lie…God will understand.

3.  Get to the bar early and ask for the Cowboys game on a small monitor in an out of the way place…preferably with your back to the wall and a clear view of the door.  Near the bathroom is always a positive when you need to vomit after a Tony Romo turnover.

Rick Perry Eating A Corndog

Rick Perry Eating A Corndog

4.  If the establishment has food, always ask the staff for the corn dog platter or the fish sticks.  The bonus is if they don’t know they don’t have it and head back to the kitchen to ask.

5.  Always ask if Shiner Bock is on special. In the likelihood that they have it, you are in business.  If they don’t, this opens the door for your server/bartender to tell you the specials. If the special is Jagermeister, run for the hills…quickly.

Is that Vanilla Ice?  Of course it is.

Is that Vanilla Ice? Of course it is.

6.  If the Cowboys are playing at Jerry World, tell your server you will be paying $9.50 a beer…just like being there.

7.  Make sure you hydrate with plenty of ice water since you will probably drink a couple of beers.  Sometimes the Cowboys’ performance will force you to self medicate.  In that case, make sure you have access to public transportation or a designated driver.

8.  Finally, show good Texas manners like your mother and grandmother taught you.  NFL Sundays can be a tough shift in a bar.  Tip well and be nice to the staff…you might want to come back for the next game.

Well, it is almost game time and I hope these little tips will help you in the future when you are watching Cowboy games outside of the Republic.

I hope everyone had a great Sunday and Go Cowboys!

UPDATE:  Cowboys win in Philly 17-3.  How ‘Bout Them Cowboys!!

Acadiana All-Purpose Seasoning

red-fleur-de-lis-mdFirst, I would like to thank Ron Cox for posting his aunt’s slaw recipe last week.  While some of his comments about the founder of this blog were slightly inaccurate, I appreciate the effort on his part.

One of the things I wanted to do with this blog was provide people with some simple recipes that can be used in various ways.  The recipe I am posting today is one of the first things I developed when I started cooking.

My first full-time job out of school just happened to be in New Orleans.  Now for the those that do not know, Cajun cooking and the real cuisine of New Orleans are different.  If you want the best Cajun food, you need to head west on I-10 to Lafayette or southwest to Thibodaux…the heart of Acadiana.

Acadiana is the official name given to the 22 parishes in Louisiana that are home to the Cajun Culture.  During the 18th Century, French exiles from Canada’s Maritime Provinces moved to the region giving Acadiana its unique characteristics.

Most people have seen Louisiana products like Zatarain’s and Tony Chachere’s in their local grocery stores.  These are just two of the many Cajun or Creole brands available.

When you look at the these commercial seasoning blends, you will see how many of them contain MSG (monosodium glutamate) and to much salt.  I decided to come up with my own Louisiana seasoning blend recipe.

The recipe below can be made completely organic.  You will also find that it works as a great all-purpose seasoning, is a must-have for those tailgate Bloody Marys and will add that extra kick to any Buffalo food.

  • 8          Ounces                         Ground Black Pepper
  • 6          Ounces                         Kosher Salt
  • 4          Ounces                         Garlic Powder
  • 3          Ounces                         Onion Powder
  • 2          Ounces                         White Pepper
  • 2          Ounces                         Cayenne Pepper
  • 2          Ounces                         Brown Sugar
  • 2          Ounces                         Paprika
  • 2          Ounces                         Oregano
  • 1          Ounce                           Parsley
  • 1          Ounce                           Chili Powder
  • 1          Ounce                           Dry Mustard

Combine all ingredients. Store in air-tight container for up to six months.

Welcome to Chicken Fried Buffalo

It seems like I get these types of questions almost everyday.  What is a Texan…especially one who spent the previous seven years in Chicago…doing in Buffalo?  Why would you move here?  How will you survive the winter?  Why do you have a Dallas Cowboys debit card?

BuffaloatNightWhile some might get annoyed after awhile, I really enjoy the questions and comments.  You see, I have fallen in love with Buffalo and Western New York.  Having been here only 15 months, I have come to appreciate the city, the region and its people for countless reasons.

Most might say that since I enjoy football, good food and an occasional craft beer, I would fit in well here in Buffalo.  While all those things are true, I have found much more in my short time here.

Buffalo and the Niagara Frontier is a proud place where people chant “Let’s Go Buffalo” at just about any event…including a Carnegie Hall performance by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra I attended in May.

This is a city and region steeped in history, architecture and the arts.  The “Silicon Valley” of its day, Buffalo did not demolish all the buildings designed by Daniel Burnham, Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright.  There is much to explore, learn and celebrate.

Also, maybe I like it here because I have always been fan of the underdog, a supporter of lost causes and a closeted non-conformist.  I enjoy watching the reaction when I tell people that I live in downtown Buffalo.

Now that you know that I am enjoying my time here, I should probably tell you why I started a this blog.

I am a proud Texan and Southerner.  I am a 48-year old Texpatriate who enjoys all things Texas but also tries to immerse himself in his current surroundings by making observations from an outsider’s point of view with a Southern perspective.

Like my native home, the people of Buffalo and WNY like good food and fun.  There is much more to this place than “Buffalo Chicken Wings” and “Beef On Weck” sandwiches.  I hope to share some of these expanded Buffalo menu items.

This is not a restaurant review blog that will rate or write negative restaurant reviews.  I will always let the followers of this blog know if I find something special or interesting but everyone needs to make their own judgements.

Also, I will post recipes.  These recipes will be my own or from friends and family.  Unlike other blogs, I will post only recipes that I have tried.  No cut and paste from internet food sites.  These are recipes that virtually anyone can make.  Good food does not have to be complicated.

Finally, I might also work in story or two about my view on life.  This is a blog about having fun and hopefully helping others have fun.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much I am going to enjoy writing it.  If you do, please share it with others.

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