It seems like I get these types of questions almost everyday.  What is a Texan…especially one who spent the previous seven years in Chicago…doing in Buffalo?  Why would you move here?  How will you survive the winter?  Why do you have a Dallas Cowboys debit card?

While some might get annoyed after awhile, I really enjoy the questions and comments.  You see, I have fallen in love with Buffalo and Western New York.  Having been here only 15 months, I have come to appreciate the city, the region and its people for countless reasons.

Most might say that since I enjoy football, good food and an occasional craft beer, I would fit in well here in Buffalo.  While all those things are true, I have found much more in my short time here.

Buffalo and the Niagara Frontier is a proud place where people chant “Let’s Go Buffalo” at just about any event…including a Carnegie Hall performance by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra I attended in May.

This is a city and region steeped in history, architecture and the arts.  The “Silicon Valley” of its day, Buffalo did not demolish all the buildings designed by Daniel Burnham, Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright.  There is much to explore, learn and celebrate.

Also, maybe I like it here because I have always been fan of the underdog, a supporter of lost causes and a closeted non-conformist.  I enjoy watching the reaction when I tell people that I live in downtown Buffalo.

Now that you know that I am enjoying my time here, I should probably tell you why I started a this blog.

I am a proud Texan and Southerner.  I am a 48-year old Texpatriate who enjoys all things Texas but also tries to immerse himself in his current surroundings by making observations from an outsider’s point of view with a Southern perspective.

Like my native home, the people of Buffalo and WNY like good food and fun.  There is much more to this place than “Buffalo Chicken Wings” and “Beef On Weck” sandwiches.  I hope to share some of these expanded Buffalo menu items.

This is not a restaurant review blog that will rate or write negative restaurant reviews.  I will always let the followers of this blog know if I find something special or interesting but I everyone needs to make their own judgements.

Also, I will post recipes.  These recipes will be my own or from friends and family.  Unlike other blogs, I will only recipes that I have tried.  No cut and paste from internet food sites.  These are recipes that virtually anyone can make.  Good food does not have to be complicated.

Finally, I might also work in story or two about my view on life.  This is a blog about having fun and hopefully helping others have fun.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much I am going to enjoy writing it.  If you do, please share it with others.

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  1. Hello and thanks for following and re-blogging. I love your profile – Toronto native who lived in the South for nearly 10 years, and a husband who lived on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls for many years – so as far as food references go, we have a lot in common. Looking forward to reading more from you!

  2. Oh, and one other thing… I won’t link to my page bc I don’t want this to be flagged as spam (and I’m generally opposed to trying to “sell” my blog. It works for you or it doesn’t, y’know?) but since you’re a fan of craft beer and you’re in the right area for it, one of my favourite things to make (and always a show-stopped) is my Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout Ice Cream profiteroles. Take a look for it on my page if you’re interested! Cheers!

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